Ackermann’s Repository, Morning Dress, March 1810. 

Feedback time!  Do y’all like it when I do these zoomed shots in addition to the main plate?  As a costumer, I find things like this incredibly valuable since I frequently miss the details- especially when I zoom by something on Tumblr.  I can’t do it on all of my fashion plates since many aren’t high enough quality, but on these where I can zoom and still keep clarity, do you like it when I include the detail images?

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  3. demodedamsel answered: I kind of like it :) I think making good detail images is kind of talent.
  4. abaronetsdaughter answered: <3<3<3<3<3<3. yeah
  5. lesleyannemcleod answered: Yes, I do appreciate the details! Thank you so much
  6. the-dandelion-chronicles answered: I love when you do that! Please continue as much as you like… I adore the details of many of these plates.
  7. shadyoaks answered: yes on the detail images!
  8. operagloves answered: Absolutely!!
  9. amillionpinkbows answered: Yes! the same thing happens to me xD
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