If you are interested in seeing a a body of work from one publication, I have them all organized by title (and loose dates) right here!  These are generally in order from oldest to most recent.  Please note that some of these publications run into the 1840s and later, but as they aren’t covered by the scope of this blog, I have not included those in the run dates.

Gallerie des Modes, French, 1770s and 1780s

Ann Frankland Lewis, English, 1770s-1800s (Not exactly fashion plates, but watercolors done each year representing what we assume were her favorite fashions of each year.  They are beautifully done and exceedingly charming, so I have included them)

Cabinet des Modes, French, 1780s

Cabinet des Modes/Magasin des Modes Nouvelles, French, 1780s.  Started out as Cabinet, but switched titles in November of 1786. 

Gallery of Fashion, English, 1790s

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, French, 1790s

Journal des Dames et des Modes (also known as Costumes Parisiens), French, 1790s and onward (this had a long run!)

The Lady’s Magazine (occasionally called The Ladies’ Magazine), English, late 1790s to 1820s (Actually published starting in the 1770s, but I have mostly found plates from the 1790s onward)

The Lady’s Monthly Museum (also Ladies’ Museum), English, late 1790s to 1810s

Le Bon Genre, French, 1800s-1810s (This isn’t a fashion plate publication, per se, but more of a magazine of the times and activities fashionable Parisians.  The fashions are well represented, however, so I’ve included them in this blog)

Corriere Delle Dame, Italian, 1800s and onward

La Belle Assemblee, English, 1800s-1830s

Ackermann’s Repository of the Arts, English, 1800s-1830s

Orphaned Plates- Occasionally I’ll post a plate that has an unknown source. I try not to do this, but sometimes I just can’t resist.  If you know of a source to any of these, please let me know so I can give them a home!

Sources with only a few plates- Sometimes they are hard to find and we only have little glimpses of entire publications, so here are these.  I have very little info about the run dates and sometimes I’m not even sure where they are from, but here you go!

Le Beau Monde, English, 1806-1810. 

Petit Courier des Dames, French (?) 1800s-1830s (?)

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