Journal des Luxus, January 1792. 

Journal des Luxus, April 1792. 

I LOVE this, especially paring the green with red and black accessories!

Journal des Luxus, May 1792. 

Every time I see these little cake-like hats on these fashions plates, I always wonder how on earth they stay on, especially with so much trimming, but I still desperately want to be able to wear one around everyday. 

Journal des Luxus, May 1792. 

Oh…so pretty!  Love the lace ruffles at her hem!

Journal des Luxus, February 1792. 

Oh look at those sleeves!

Journal de Luxus, January 1792. 

Journal de Luxus was a German magazine that was published from the 1780s until the 1820s.  This is a particular favorite of mine.  I really love the yellow fringe trim, and this is an excellent example of a zone-front gown.  Check out the little collar on it, too!

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, 1792. 

Not a high quality scan- sorry about that- but how cute is her spotty petticoat?!

Undated (but probably 1792) by Ann Frankland Lewis

You don’t see a lot of black in this period, but it looks really nice with these styles.  And what a charming little chapeau!

March 1792