"Breakfast in the Dressing Room" Gallery of Fashion, November 1794. 

A reader on the Facebook Page asked for images of Regency dressing gowns.  Unfortunately this is the only one that I can think of, and it is from 1794, so too early!  Nora, I’ll keep looking and if I find anything I will certainly post it.  Does anyone have a fashion plate or a link to an extant Regency-era dressing gown?

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 29 and 30, November 1794.  ”Breakfast in a dressing room”

I want to live here!

Gallery of Fashion, October 1794.  Afternoon or Half Dress. 

Love the blue accents!

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 5 and 6, May 1794. 

Feathers and Medusa hair- I love this look. 

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 27 and 28, October 1794.  Morning Dresses.

I just love these 1790s fashions!  A veil flowing out of a giant ribbon rosette?  FANTASTIC!

Gallery of Fashion, figures 3 and 4.  April 1794. 


Gallery of Fashion, Figures 7, 8, and 9.  May, 1794. 


Gallery of Fashion, Figures 10, 11, & 12.  June 1794. 

Those are some seriously be-ribboned hats!  And I love the multi-colored feathers!

Gallery of Fashion, Figure 25, September 1794.

Nice yellow coordination!

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 16, 17, and 18.  July 1794.  

Beautiful Stripes!

Gallery of Fashion, Figure 31.  November 1794.

Can we just take a moment to ignore how beautiful this outfit is and look at the skill of the illustrator?  Look how luminous the silk is!  And the folds and drape of the fabric are perfectly captured.  

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 34 and 35.  December 1794.

Oh, I just love the gold fringe on that dress!  And the candy cane turban!

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 13 and 14.  June 1794, Full Dress. 

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 19 and 20, August 1794. 

These gowns are Mourning and Half-Mourning and it makes me desperately want to go to an event in mourning so that I can wear one of them.  The blue gloves are making my knees weak!

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 32 and 33. December 1794.  Morning Dresses. 

I really love the fabric on the pink/red gown.  Hopefully you can click through this image for a larger version, because it is worth taking a larger look.