Fashion plates from Gallery of Fashion, 1795-1796 and a picture of my inspired-by look for a 1790s ball.  These are related to my recent blog post about diamond jewelry in 1790s fashion plates


Emma, Lady Hamilton, dancing the tarantella

by William Lock & Mariano Bovi, London, 1796

Not a fashion plate, but too gorgeous to pass by…

(Source: onlyartists)

Gallery of Fashion, July 1796. 

The green gown is a gorgeous color, and what an unusual bonnet she has!

Gallery of Fashion, Morning Dress, April 1796. 

Holy harlequin muff!  I am DYING for that thing!

Gallery of Fashion, September 1796. 

Look at the interesting cap on the gal on the left!  I like the sheer blue veiling!

Gallery of Fashion, October 1796. 

There is some really lovely trim on the white gown.  The embroidery is beautiful, but look at the subtle red and white stripe along the edges of the skirts!

(And is it just me, or does the girl in blue look like Cesare’s love interest in The Borgias?)

Gallery of Fashion, July 1796. 

Wow- that is QUITE a variety of trimming!

Gallery of Fashion, March 1796. 

What a lovely color yellow, and like the bands on her sleeves.  Also check out the pinked edge of her gown!

Gallery of Fashion, September 1796. 

This is described as a Ranelagh, an Italian dress.  It is certainly unusual and visually striking!

Gallery of Fashion, December 1796. 


Morning Dress

"The front hair combed straight upon the forehead, the sides in small ringlets, and the hind hair in a loose chignon.  Travelling cap of rose-coloured satin, trimmed with white fur.  Amazon dress of lady’s green cloth, lined with rose-coloured satin;  cape, cuffs, and labels (ed: lapels) with the same.  Small plain muslin handkerchief.  Full stock.  Square pierced gold ear-rings.  Fox tippet.  Puff-coloured gloves.  Blue striped shoes."

Gallery of Fashion, January 1796. 

Cute fabric on her gown, bright bonnet, and a big muff!  What’s not to love!

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Gallery of Fashion, Figures 88 and 89, March 1796. 

Oh!  Look at her 1790s redingote with with teeeny bodice!  I love it, especially with that contrasting collar!

1796 by Ann Frankland Lewis

Gallery of Fashion, 1796

Big, curly, frothy gorgeous hair!