Fashions of London and Paris, Head Dresses, October 1805. 

Proof that basic black doesn’t have to be boring!  My favorite is actually the little tiara on the bottom right!

Fashions of London and Paris, March 1805. 

What an amazing variety of headwear!  I’m kind of in love with the big brown one in the middle. 

Fashions of London and Paris, Full Dress, March 1805. 

That blue dress is quite unusual…

Fashions of London and Paris, Full Dress, February 1805. 


Fashions of London and Paris, April 1805. 

I love all of the bold blue ones! 


Court dress, 1809 France, Costume Parisien

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Very lovely plate (and one I’ve never seen before!) but the date is actually 1804/1805.  Anything with the “An” on it pre-dates 1806, when they starting dating the plates with more easily recognizable years!  

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Lady’s Magazine, London Walking Dress, March 1805.

I love this pelisse!  Check out that wide band of lace on the bottom of it!  And a very 1960s looking bonnet, I think!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1805. 

I am IN LOVE with this outfit!  The buttons, the sash, the little ruffles on the shoulders, the v-front, the AMAZING bonnet and that lovely green shawl!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Lady’s Museum, May 1805.

Ok, that last one didn’t really count since it was a repeat, so here’s some new pretty to look at!  The accessories in this one are particularly fabulous!  The veil on the pink girl is exquisite and I love everything about the girl in white’s outfit!

Ladies’ Magazine, February 1805, Paris Dress.

The are my favorites!  I love the bonus hair and turban images!

Ladies’ Magazine, 1805.

Look at those strange closures on the black pelisse!  What do you think they are?

Ladies’ Museum, November 1805.

OMG straw hat!  I LOVE it!

Ladies Museum, December 1805.

OH MY GOD THE POLKA DOTS!  I adore these so, so much!  Pair that fabric with fur accessories, a cute bonnet, and a fabulous veil and I am enthralled.

Ladies’ Magazine, Paris Dress, January 1805.

Look at the back of the dress on the right!  What an unusual style!