Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1806. 

Well guh.  This is to die for!

Lady’s Magazine, 1806. 

Nice bonnets and sheer overdress!

Lady’s Museum, March 1806. 

What a supremely cool pelisse!  It is such intricate and rich fabric- not very typical of this period!  Bonus points for cool headwear!

La Belle Assemblee Muslin Pattern, October 1806.

La Belle Assemblee, October 1806.

Unnngh that blue dress!  I needs it!

Lady’s Museum, July 1806.

What an odd little overdress!  Notice that the bodice is asymmetrically colored and I think the whole shebang is covered in netting!

La Belle Assemblee, Vauxhall Fashions, August 1806. 

Vauxhall Gardens is probably #1 on my list of places I would visit if I could go back in time.  It must have been QUITE the place to be!

Lady’s Museum, August 1806.

Look at that amazing shawl on the girl in pink!  Such gorgeous lace!

Ladies’ Magazine, 1806.

Lovely detail work on the full dress.  And I love her bonnet!

La Belle Assemblee, August 1806.

The bonnet on the right is killer!

 Ladies’ Museum, may 1806.

I would punch any one of you for that hat in the middle.  I love you, but I love that hat more.

La Belle Assemblee, May 1806.

I do wish this was a higher quality plate, because those bonnets floating up top are worthy of a closer look!

La Belle Assemblee, December 1806.

That black gown is to die for.  The trim is just exquisite. 

Ladies’ Magazine, 1806.

Gorgeous colors, once again.  And I LOVE the trim on the blue cape!

Ladies’ Magazine, 1806.

Those colors look so beautiful together.  I really love the gorgeous detail work on the yellow gown, and she has such an unusual bonnet.