Lady’s Museum, January 1807.

I adore the trim on the girl in the middle!  And the green one!


Morning and evening dress, 1807, Le Beau Monde

The gal in purple is wearing a very interesting frock!  I love the combination of red and purple!

Lady’s Magazine, 1807.

The trims on these gowns provide a lot of visual interest! 

Lady’s Museum, March 1807.

Yay!  My favorite plates!  I like seeing the zoomed versions of the bodices- so helpful for dressmakers.  And of course the bonnets!

Lady’s Magazine, 1807.

Lady’s Magazine, London Fashionable Full Dress, 1807.

Look at the little moon tiara on the lounging girl!

Ladies’ Museum, December 1807.

Ooooh!  What a lovely red dress and coordinating fur wrap!  She looks so cozy. 

(I’m trying to think cold thoughts since it is eleventy billion degrees in Virginia today)

Lady’s Magazine, London Fashionable Walking and Afternoon Dresses, 1807.

That is one crazy pelisse!  Asymmetrical AND fur trimmed!  Wooo!

Ladies’ Museum, May 1807.

Alright, all of these are gorgeous, but how fantastic is the girl on the bottom left.  Look at her collar!

Le Beau Monde, June 1807.

I LOVE the hat on the right with the turned up brim!

Le Beau Monde, 1807. 

I love that her hair ornament that matches the trim on the gown!

Le Beau Monde, 1807

What a charming couple!

La Belle Assemblee, Walking Dresses, October 1807. 

Nice, bold shawl!  And I love the bright little shoes peeking out!

Le Bon Genre, 1807. 


La Belle Assemblee, December 1807. 

OMG amazing Hat/Pelisse combo!