Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1808. 

This is lovely- the neckline of this bodice is really interesting and elegant, and it pairs so beautifully with that dark green shawl!

Lady’s Musuem, May 1808.

I reall like both of these gown, but the one on the left is incredibly beautiful!  The embroidery with the sage green banding is swoon-worthy!  And I luuuuuve the asymmetrical skirt.  That blue bonnet is pretty amazing, too…

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1808. 


Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1808. 

Simple, elegant, lovely. 

La Belle Assemblee, Spring Walking Dresses, June 1808. 

I love all the brightly colored accessories!    

Lady’s Museum, July 1808.

I love that casual green pelisse!  It is relaxed yet beautiful.

Lady’s Museum, October 1808.

Pretty pretty pretty!  Look at the dainty, subtle trim on the blue gown!  And the girl on the right has an amazing shawl and beautiful bonnet!

Ladies’ Museum, London Dresses, September 1808.

These are both gorgeous gowns, especially that ethereal pink and white one.  I adore the sleeves.  Thumbs up to the green tilty parasol, too!

Lady’s Magazine, 1808.

Soooooo classical!

 Ladies’ Magazine, 1808.

Love the gunmetal colored dress!

Ladies’ Museum, April 1808.  London dresses.

What charming ladies!  Each one with a to-die-for turban!  I am particularly enchanted with the lapels on the orange pelisse on the right…

La Belle Assemblee, September 1808.  Evening dress and Riding dress. 

I’m getting a sneaking feeling that I posted this before, so my apologies if this is a repeat.  Perhaps my system has failed me!  Anyway!  Green dress!  Yay!

La Belle Assemblee, Spring Walking Dresses, June 1808. 

Such lovely girls!

Corriere Delle Dame, 1808.

This dress is perfection!  And her bonnet and shoes match <3

Corriere Delle Dame, 1808. 

Illustration is a little wonky here- WHY YO HEAD SO TINY?- but the details on the gown are pretty gorgeous.  I love the banded sleeves and the subtle trim on the skirts of the gown (or perhaps it is a pelisse), and I’m always a sucker for bows!