Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Dresses, August 1809. 

Such lovely outfits!  Love the crossed detail in the back!

(and quizzing glass!)

PS- these are big images!  Open them in new tabs to get the full glory!

Ackermann’s Repsository, Half Dress, February 1809.

This is lovely!  I like the long sleeves in the contrasting fabric.

Ackermann’s Repository, Ball Dress, October 1809. 

This color is so beautiful- and I LOVE her sleeves!

Fashions of London and Paris, Evening Dress, December 1809. 

I love the subtle decorations on these gowns. 

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, December 1809. 

What a nice pelisse!  The color is so gorgeous, especially paired with the yellow lining (and matching bonnet!  Yay!). 

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, October 1809. 

I love her matching shawl and umbrella!

Ackermann’s Repository, Ball Dress, July 1809. 

Dark orange and white lace!  What a combination!

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, May 1809. 

Oh that fabric- it is so beautiful and beautifully captured.  And she has a lovely bonnet, as well!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1809. 

Beautiful!  I love that standing collar!

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, January 1809. 

What a fabulous cloak!  I love the tight collar and the fur trimming!

Ackermann’s Repository, Full Dress, April 1809. 

What a beautiful color!  That bold purple pairs so well with the stark white- it feels so lush!

Ackermann’s Repository, Evening Dress, January 1809. 

I really like the blue trimming on this gown, and check our her awesome collar/ruff thingy!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1809. 

Look at that color.  How gorgeous.  And I love her long sleeves!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1809. 

A beautiful court gown!  It looks like something Empress Josephine would have worn.  I always picture her in red!

Ackermann’s Repository, March 1809.

What a hat!