I’ve just put up a new blog post about collet necklaces in Regency fashion plates, with lots of detailed images.  Plus this awesome one:

Fashions of London and Paris, February 1811

Ackermann’s Repository, Full Dress, May 1811

Fashions of London and Paris, Morning Dresses, March 1811.

Don’t they look cozy on a brisk morning?

Ackermann’s Repository, Ball Dress, April 1811.

Too short!

The French Vauxhall, Fashions of London and Paris, October 1811. 


I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2012, and I can promise I’ll try my best to brighten it with fashion plates!

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, January 1811. 

This is so cozy and charming!  I love the fur trim and her wonderful hat!

Fashions of London and Paris, Evening Dresses, March 1811. 

LOVE those turbans!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1811. 

How very striking!  The flowers are so unexpected with the orange, but I love it!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1811. 

A lovely back view!  Did you know that I tag all fashion plates with a back view as such?  As a costumer, I find these help me oh so much!  

Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Dresses,  June 1811. 

Look at the green bonnet!  The little brim looks like ocean waves!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1811. 


Ackermann’s Repository, Opera Dresses, February 1811. 

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, April 1811. 

CUTE!  The color is great and I love that feathered trim!


Evening full dress, 1811 (?)

I have it marked as 1811, but there might have been a mistake.  Either this is supposed to be retro or it’s actually from about 1800.  The drawing style looks like ca 1810 UK, though….

You’re right- La Belle Assemblee, May 1811.  You can’t see it in the smaller scan you have, but I have a larger copy in my files and it has the date printed on the bottom. 

Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Costume, September 1811. 

This is the bonnet that made me want to start making bonnets.