Ball Dress, 1820 via the Met (click though link)- with a hat tip to OMGThatDress

Ball Dress, December 1816, La Belle Assemblee. 


La Belle Assemblee, Riding Dress, June 1816. 

What a color!

Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Dress, December 1816. 

Oh, what a glorious, glorious outfit!  I would be honored to welcome winter in a frock as pretty as this one!

La Belle Assemblee, Carriage Costume, November 1816. 

This is an all around unusual outfit, but I really like how much is going on.  A particularly lovely bonnet…

La Belle Assemblee, February 1816. 

Look at those puffy sleeves!

La Belle Assemblee, Promenade Dress, November 1816. 

So charming…

La Belle Assemblee, Opera Dress, 1816. 

This is one crazy dress!  Those diagonal stripes are really unexpected, especially paired with the black pelisse and colorful shawl!  I like it!

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, August 1816. 

A lovely summer color for a lovely summer gown!

La Belle Asssemblee, Evening Dress, May 1816.

Well this is unusual.  The trim is a little heavy-handed for this period, but I do like the overall effect!

Wiener Moden, 1816.

Thanks to reader Julia for sending me this scan from a rare German publication!

I just LOVE this pelisse!  What a cozy thing to have on a cold German afternoon!

La Belle Assemblee, Parisian Promenade Hats, July 1816. 


Tableaus des Nouveaux Uniformes des troupes Francaises en 1816.  British Museum. 

I was hoping to post uniforms today, but as you might imagine they aren’t prevalent in Fashion Plates.  So we may have a few non-fashion plates today.  

La Belle Assemblee, Carriage Costume, November 1816.

Gorgeous (if unusual…) trim and killer bonnet!

La Belle Assemblee, March 1816.  Costume for dinner parties. 

Ooooh!  I love the detail at the bottom of her sleeves!

La Belle Assemblee, Parisian Walking Dress, August 1816. 

Here’s that wheat hat I posted the other day actually ON someone!  Very fetching!