Bonne d’Enfant, The Workers of Paris, 1824, by Georges Gatine. 

The Nanny.  Great detailing in this one- make sure you click through for the big version!

The Workers of Paris, Bouquetiere (flowergirl), 1824. 

Isn’t she a beauty?  I love the bright color of her gown hidden behind a plain, white apron (with a pocket!), her lavish chemisette ruffle, and those cute little shoes!

Costumes Parisiens: les Ouevrieres de Paris, 1824. “Blanchisseuse de Dentelle”

Translation:  The Workers of Paris- “the lace laundress”

This is the first plate from a new publication I’ll be putting up- The Workers of Paris (and no, this isn’t THAT Costumes Parisien!) published in 1824.  It’s a series of about 40 engravings of fashionable working women in occupations that are often impossibly quaint and evocative of their era.  Here we have the first of the lot- the lace laundress, perhaps delivering a box of freshly laundered lace?  I love all the subtle lace she has peeking out- at the wrists and hem of her gown- as well as the not-so-subtle lacy cap and chemisette.  I couldn’t resist the close-up crops.  It’s such a charming outfit!

La Belle Assemblee, Walking Dress, November 1824. 

This is so lovely and intricate! 


Ladies’ Pocket Magazine, 1824. Carriage dress and evening dress.

Beautiful!  The fashions of 1823-1825 are my absolute favorites.  By the way, if you aren’t following this tumbler you certainly should!  Especially if you are interested in the Regency period!  

(Source: ruderegency)

La Belle Assemblee, Carriage Dress, June 1824. 

Love love love!  Love!  Love love!  Look at that amazing trim!  And her sleeves!  And the collar!

La Belle Assemblee, Walking Dress, August 1824.

I love the cupcake dresses!

Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Dress, October 1824.

This is one of my favorite fashion plates I have EVER posted.  Everything about this is perfect. 

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, September 1824.

Fabulous sleeves.  Fabulous. 

Corriere Delle Dame, 1824. 

I love how varied and interesting trim from the 1820s was. 

La Belle Assemblee, Morning Dress, March 1824.

Ruffles!  Such a beautiful and unusually situated trim!

La Belle Assemblee, Public Promenade Dress, October 1824. 

The accessories are a little busy for my tastes, but I love the green parasol!

Ackerman’s Repository, Morning Dress, January 1824.

Yay green dress!