Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, June 1825. 

Oooh!  I love this dress!  The skirt time is JUUUSSSST on the edge of being comically large but it makes for such a bold addition.  Plus, I love spray of flowers along the front.  Bonus points for an amazingly cool turban!

Petit Courrier des Dames, 1825.

This is dated at 1825-1828 in the Louisana State Museum collections, but based on the plate number compared to other plates I’ve posted from the publication, I certainly don’t think it is later than 1825.

Don’t you just love the ribbon trim on the bottom, and that sweet little bow on the back?

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1825. 

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1825. 

Look at the awesome back on that blue gown!  

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1825.

What a magnificent cloak!  She looks cozy enough for a sleigh ride, though she would probably need a furrier turban.

Lady’s Magazine, Summer Promenade Dress, June 1825. 

What a charming outfit!  Such interesting and unusual trim!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1825.

I LOVE this!  That crossover decoration on the bodice is very pretty, and that color is perfection!

Lady’s Magazine, Ball Dress, July 1825. 

That is QUITE a hem!  

Lady’s Museum, February 1825. 

I hope y’all have enjoyed my two days of purple fashion plates!  It definitely isn’t a common color in historic fashions, but it is one of my favorites!  Here’s a link to all of the fashion plates I have posted that featured the color purple!

Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Dress, March 1825. 

I adore the lines of this dress.  Those bands that start at the shoulders and fall into the skirts of the dress are so eye-catching and flattering!  The bonnet is pretty unusual, too!

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Walking dresses, June 1825. 

Wow!  Look at all those accessories! 

Lady’s Museum, January 1825. 

Two charming hems!

Lady’s Museum, March 1825. 

Oh 1825, you were a VERY good year…

Lady’s Museum, May 1825. 

Both of these gowns are exquisite!  I want both of them.  Immediately. 

Ackermann’s Repository, Evening Dress, December 1825. 

I really like the unusual color of this gown, and her sleeve caps are adorable!