Petit Courrier des Dames, 1832.

As much as I find 1830s clothing to be vile and repulsive, I have to admit that I find the embroidery (print?) on this gown to be so lovely. Also that bonnet. DAT BONNET.

Royal Ladies’ Magazine, December 1832. 

The lushness of that red gown is magnificent (and she has a tiara!)

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Walking Dresses, February 1832. 

As much as I hate these styles, I do love the pattern on her skirt!  

Royal Lady’s Magazine, December 1832.

I actually really like both of these, which is pretty impressive for 1832!

Lady’s Museum, Evening Dress, January 1832. 

At least the colors are pretty!

Lady’s Museum, Ball Dress and Walking Dress, May 1832. 

Lady’s Museum, Dinner and Evening Dress, March 1832. 

I am really digging the hem treatment on the peachy dress.  It looks like a stained glass window or something!  Very unexpected!

La Belle Assemblee, 1832.

Pretty colors, and I LOVE the bonnet/headdress on the gal in pink.  Looks like it is just starched lace, but she looks so ethereal!