The Beau Monde, November 1837. 

Oooh!  I love that green gown.  And that blue cloak is quite a statement piece!

The Beau Monde,  May 1837. 

The fabric of that green dress is just gorgeous!

The Beau Monde, December 1837. 

OK, so maybe the later 1830s aren’t so bad.  I can’t believe I just said that!

The Beau Monde, June 1837. 

The Beau Monde, January 1837. 

Lady’s Magazine, February 1837. 

Cute sleeves!

The Beau Monde, October 1837. 

Oh 1830s…

Lady’s Magazine, March 1837. 

What beautiful tiered sleeves!  That is a very charming style and I can only imagine how pretty it would be when someone was dancing.  

Lady’s Magazine, May 1837.

I’m sort of enchanted by the bias-cut ruffle…

Lady’s Magazine, January 1837.

Yay!  More 1830s fashions that I like!  I think the close fitting sleeves make the outfit for me.  I just can’t deal with those huge, ridiculous sleeves that you usually see!

Lady’s Magazine, May 1837.

Finally we have some 1830s fashions that I wholeheartedly LOVE!

Lady’s Magazine, January 1837.

First of all, I want to point out how awesome the artist is for painting the front and back of the gown and doing them in different colors.  That’s a wonderful way to see both sides, but still get the feeling of two separate gowns.  Well done, mysterious artist!  Second, I am drooling over the blue fabric.  SO GORGEOUS!