Graham’s Magazine, January 1843. 

The blue cloak and the purple gown!  I loves them…

La Mode, February 1843. 

What pretty fabrics!  That changeable purple in the middle is particularly eye-catching!

World of Fashion, February 1843. 

Such pretty colors, such pretty bonnets, such pretty everything!

La Belle Assemblee, January 1843. 

Those slope shoulders really freak me out!  

Ladies’ Cabinet, February 1843.

This is a gorgeous dark green gown, but if you look closely at the edges you can see how carelessly it was colored!  These were all hand-colored, and if you look at them in Google Books you can see that some are colored and some are black and white.  I don’t know enough about fashion plates to say for sure, but I wonder if they were sold both ways?  Some of my readers know more about fashion plates than I do, do you know about the variations in coloration?


Walking and day dress, 1843 Germany

Coming soon to Dames a la Mode: 1840s!


Outdoor and riding dress, 1843 Italy, Corriere delle Dame

Love love love love love that blue riding habit!  What a color!