Lady’s Magazine, 1849. 

The fabric of the dress on the left is really stunning!

Lady’s Magazine, Ball Dress, July 1825. 

That is QUITE a hem!  

Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, October 1830. 

I do love the mix of bright purple and bright blue…and the adorable kiddo!

Lady’s Magazine, 1845. 

Oh swoon.  I love this gorgeous fabric!  And those sleeves are wonderful!

Lady’s Magazine, Promenade and Walking Dress, August 1830. 

I’m definitely OK with the accessories of the girl in purple.  Give me a giant hat and a beautiful red shawl any day!

Lady’s Magazine, September 1834. 

Lady’s Magazine, Morning Dress, October 1812. 

Oh what a sweet little bonnet and lovely pelisse!  This looks like a simple enough outfit to make- perhaps it should to into my to-make queue!

Lady’s Magazine, London Walking Dress, March 1805.

I love this pelisse!  Check out that wide band of lace on the bottom of it!  And a very 1960s looking bonnet, I think!

Lady’s Magazine, July 1834. 

THESE GOWNS ARE RIDICULOUS!  How could you manage to do anything when you’re wearing them?

Lady’s Magazine, 1806. 

Nice bonnets and sheer overdress!

Lady’s Magazine, 1845. 

Look at all those wacky hairstyles!

(This is another one of those frustrating cross-plates, by the way.  Le Bon Ton was a French fashion publication, but it was apparently re-printed from the Lady’s Magazine.  I pulled this scan out of the publication, so I know it isn’t mis-labeled!)

Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, November 1812. 

What a sweet little plate!

Lady’s Magazine, 1849. 

How gorgeous is that tiered scalloped lace?

Lady’s Magazine, May 1830.

I love the soft white fabric of the skirts mirrored in the sleeves.

Lady’s Magazine, 1834. 

"Oh, teacher!  Your unitard is so revealing!  Swoon!"