Le Bon Ton (Published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1845. 

Love those bold colors and the pairing of the contrasting bonnets. 

The Lady’s Magazine, Fashionable Dresses in the Rooms in Weymouth, 1774

These early Lady’s Magazine plates are little versions of the holy grail for me.  Even though the publication started in 1770 (and lasted into the 1830s!) it is so hard to find plates from before the 1800s.  Even the early issues that are on Google Books don’t have their plates with them- I suppose they have been torn out and collected up.  This is a nice plate in the collections of the V & A.  I do have a few more sent to be my wonderful and generous readers.  If you have any, do share!

Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, June 1825. 

Oooh!  I love this dress!  The skirt time is JUUUSSSST on the edge of being comically large but it makes for such a bold addition.  Plus, I love spray of flowers along the front.  Bonus points for an amazingly cool turban!

Le Bon Ton (Published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1849. 

Both of these gowns are gorgeous, but I particularly like the dark blue trim on the light blue fabric.

The Lady’s Magazine, November 1834. 

Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, January 1830. 

Well…at least she looks warm!

Lady’s Magazine, Summer Promenade Dress, June 1825. 

What a charming outfit!  Such interesting and unusual trim!

Le Bon Ton (Published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1845. 

Le Bon Ton (Published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1849. 

Oh my god that striped dress!  It is so lovely!  Having the ruffles cut on the bias is a nice touch!

Lady’s Magazine, August 1834. 

Look at the little arrows through their buns <3

Lady’s Magazine, November 1830.

What a lavish use of fur!  I bet they are warm!

Lady’s Magazine, November 1834. 

The green and white are very pretty together, but what is UP with that thing on her head?!

Lady’s Magazine, Full and Dinner Dresses, April 1830. 

Le Bon Ton (published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1849. 

I love orange and blue together!  Probably because I went to Auburn University, and those are our colors, but you can’t deny they are striking together!

Lady’s Magazine, Ball and Evening Dress, August 1830. 

The ball dress almost looks like a costume.