Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dresses, March 1818. 


The Lady’s Museum, Morning Dress, September 1801. 

I am in love with the bodice of the gal on the left.  It almost looks like a shirtwaist or something!  And her parasol looks so teeny!

The Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dress, November 1819. 

THAT. PELISSE.  Easily one of the loveliest things I have ever posted on this here tumblr.  The colors are so gorgeous and I adore that trim work. 

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Walking Dresses, February 1832. 

As much as I hate these styles, I do love the pattern on her skirt!  

Lady’s Museum, Morning Dress, February 1801. 

Love the pelisse and bonnet of the girl on the right!  And note the length of the skirts- have fun keeping those clean!

Lady’s Museum, April 1823. 

How awesome is that trim on the pink dress?  And that purple shawl- want!

Lady’s Museum, Afternoon Dress, January 1801. 

Such cute sleeves!

Lady’s Museum, Evening Dress, January 1832. 

At least the colors are pretty!

Lady’s Museum, Evening Dresses, February 1803. 

I love the asymmetry of the green one!  Very toga-esque!

Lady’s Museum, February 1825. 

I hope y’all have enjoyed my two days of purple fashion plates!  It definitely isn’t a common color in historic fashions, but it is one of my favorites!  Here’s a link to all of the fashion plates I have posted that featured the color purple!

Lady’s Museum, Ball Dress and Walking Dress, May 1832. 

Lady’s Museum, Dinner and Evening Dress, March 1832. 

I am really digging the hem treatment on the peachy dress.  It looks like a stained glass window or something!  Very unexpected!

Lady’s Museum, February 1804. 

Oh, there is so much to love on this plate!  Nice bonnets, awesome blue pelisse, amazing chemisette on the second girl- it’s like flower petals!- and two beautiful cloaks!  

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Walking dresses, June 1825. 

Wow!  Look at all those accessories! 

Lady’s Musuem, May 1808.

I reall like both of these gown, but the one on the left is incredibly beautiful!  The embroidery with the sage green banding is swoon-worthy!  And I luuuuuve the asymmetrical skirt.  That blue bonnet is pretty amazing, too…