Royal Lady’s Magazine, Court and Ball Dress, April 1831. 

Holy Cats!  This is magnificent.  Look at that glorious overskirt!  Gold and purple are always so stunning together!  And her headdress!  All the feathers!  Exclamation point!

(And I guess that pink gown is pretty great, too.)

Royal Lady’s Magazine, Evening and Ball Dresses, February 1831. 

The overdress thingy on the evening dress is quite unusual!  I love the flash of pink in the lining!

Royal Ladies’ Magazine, December 1832. 

The lushness of that red gown is magnificent (and she has a tiara!)

Royal Lady’s Magazine, December 1832.

I actually really like both of these, which is pretty impressive for 1832!

Royal Ladies’ Magazine, walking and carriage dress, January 1831. 

These are certainly very striking colors, and on this chilly day I would welcome being wrapped in that much fabric and fur!

Royal Lady’s Magazine, June 1831. 

The sleeves on the gal in blue look positively dangerous!

Royal Ladies’ Magazine, March 1831. 

SLEEVES! BONNETS!  We must make everything HUUUUGE!