Fashion plates from Gallery of Fashion, 1795-1796 and a picture of my inspired-by look for a 1790s ball.  These are related to my recent blog post about diamond jewelry in 1790s fashion plates

I’ve just done a new blog post about millinery flowers in Regency fashion plates, which inspired some floral updates to my Regency ball gown.  

Above plates all from Journal des Dames et des Modes.  Please check the blog post for dates and more images!

Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

Royal Lady’s Magazine, Court and Ball Dress, April 1831. 

Holy Cats!  This is magnificent.  Look at that glorious overskirt!  Gold and purple are always so stunning together!  And her headdress!  All the feathers!  Exclamation point!

(And I guess that pink gown is pretty great, too.)

Cabinet des Modes, January 1845. 

Royal Lady’s Magazine, Evening and Ball Dresses, February 1831. 

The overdress thingy on the evening dress is quite unusual!  I love the flash of pink in the lining!

La Belle Assemblee, Ball and Opera Dresses, April 1834. 

Ball Dress, 1820 via the Met (click though link)- with a hat tip to OMGThatDress

Ball Dress, December 1816, La Belle Assemblee. 


Cabinet des Modes, January 1845. 

Ackermann’s Repository, Ball Dress, April 1811.

Too short!

Ackermann’s Repository, Ball Dress, October 1809. 

This color is so beautiful- and I LOVE her sleeves!

Ackermann’s Repository, Ball Dress, July 1809. 

Dark orange and white lace!  What a combination!

Lady’s Magazine, Ball and Evening Dress, August 1830. 

The ball dress almost looks like a costume.