Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

Fashions of London and Paris, Head Dresses, October 1805. 

Proof that basic black doesn’t have to be boring!  My favorite is actually the little tiara on the bottom right!

Journal des Luxus, January 1792. 

Royal Lady’s Magazine, Evening and Ball Dresses, February 1831. 

The overdress thingy on the evening dress is quite unusual!  I love the flash of pink in the lining!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, December 1810. 

This is definitely before La Belle found their footing with illustrations, but look at the gorgeous detail on that gown!  The deep lace around the hem is lovely. 


Drawing of Marie Antoinette, about 1785, ink and color on paper


Pretties!  I wish this artist drew a million pictures!

(via vintagevision)

Le Follet, February 1847. 

What a magnificent blue!  It is especially lovely paired with the lushness of the black fur cloak and the ermine muff!

Gallery of Fashion, Half Mourning Dress, May 1798. 

I love this look- robe is made of black silk net and the gown below made of white satin.  

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1803. 

There is something a wee bit ghastly about the hair attached to the pieces, but they are still cute!

Gallery of Fashion, Morning Dresses, January 1798. 

I’m sorry this scan isn’t great, because this is one of those that I desperately wish was clearer!  The pink gown has some nice back seams and they both have on very unusual bonnet.  And do I spy polka dots?!

The description describes the pink dress as “raven-shaded” and the black trim is made if velvet!

Cabinet des Modes, December 1841.

Ooohhh!  I really like this outfit!  Lots of colors, but they aren’t overwhelming!  And she looks so warm and cozy. 

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Walking Dresses, February 1832. 

As much as I hate these styles, I do love the pattern on her skirt!  

Le Bon Ton (Published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1845. 

Journal des Luxus, May 1792. 

Every time I see these little cake-like hats on these fashions plates, I always wonder how on earth they stay on, especially with so much trimming, but I still desperately want to be able to wear one around everyday. 

Graham’s Magazine, January 1847. 

Very colorful gal on the right there- especially over a black dress!