Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1823. 

This has everything I love about the early 1820s- the bold color, the dropped waist, the magnificent silhouette- so flattering!- and the masterful use of self-trim!  Perfection. 

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dresses, March 1818. 


The Lady’s Museum, Morning Dress, September 1801. 

I am in love with the bodice of the gal on the left.  It almost looks like a shirtwaist or something!  And her parasol looks so teeny!

Journal des Dames et des Modes (Published in Fashions of London and Paris), September 1799. 

Beautiful color!  Also, I’m fascinated by that unusual sleeve treatment.

Fashions of London and Paris, Head Dresses, October 1805. 

Proof that basic black doesn’t have to be boring!  My favorite is actually the little tiara on the bottom right!

Cabinet des Modes, Walking Dress, October 1841. 

What a striking shawl!  It’s nice paired with the bright blue bonnet but a very light and un-ornamented gown. 

The Follies and Fashions of our Grandfathers, May 1807.

Oh, how I wish this was a higher quality scan!  That said, you can still see the excellent Greek Key-like trim on the gown, and it is yellow and grey- my current color obsession!

The Beau Monde, November 1837. 

Oooh!  I love that green gown.  And that blue cloak is quite a statement piece!

Ackermann’s Repository, Promenade Dresses, August 1809. 

Such lovely outfits!  Love the crossed detail in the back!

(and quizzing glass!)

PS- these are big images!  Open them in new tabs to get the full glory!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1826. 

Uhf.  That’s a lot of hem work!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, December 1810. 

This is definitely before La Belle found their footing with illustrations, but look at the gorgeous detail on that gown!  The deep lace around the hem is lovely. 

Fashions of London and Paris, London Head Dresses, April 1799. 

These are adorable little things!

World of Fashion, February 1847. 

La Belle Assemblee, Ball and Opera Dresses, April 1834. 

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1826. 

I am LOVING those awesome van dyked ruffles on the hems!