Cabinet des Modes, April 1786. 

Cabinet des Modes, February 1786. 

Cabinet des Modes, Walking Dress, October 1841. 

What a striking shawl!  It’s nice paired with the bright blue bonnet but a very light and un-ornamented gown. 

Cabinet des Modes, January 1845. 

Cabinet des Modes, January 1845. 

Cabinet des Modes, December 1841. 

What a beautiful explosion of blue!  That cloak is stunning, and I love the pink lining!

Cabinet des Modes, December 1841.

Ooohhh!  I really like this outfit!  Lots of colors, but they aren’t overwhelming!  And she looks so warm and cozy. 

Cabinet des Modes, December 1785. 

I really love the banding on the skirts.  I think that is such a charming trim!  These colors are quite beautiful together, too!

Cabinet des Modes, November 1841. 

That’s a lot of fringe!

Cabinet des Modes,  November 1841. 


Cabinet des Modes, December 1841. 

This is a pretty unusual outfit!  The color combination is expected, but mostly I don’t understand what is going on with that cloak/shawl/apron thingy.  It looks like it has a waist on it.  Any of my readers know what is going on here?


Evening dress ca. 1840 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’ve been thinking about starting a feature that pairs fashion plates with extant gowns, and I couldn’t resist this opportunity!  Obviously she’s covering her bodice with her shawl, but I have to think it looks a little bit like this!

(via justaprettybird)

Cabinet des Modes, Evening Dress, February 1840. 

I really like this gown!  The rope trim/belt/waistband is quite charming, and her sleeves, too!

Cabinet des Modes, August 1841. 

I love all the little rows of ruffles!

Cabinet des Modes, October 1841. 

This is quite pretty.  I like the stripes meeting in the front to form the V!