Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dresses, March 1818. 


The Follies and Fashions of our Grandfathers, Concert Dress, September 1807.

What a truly stunning gown! 

This issue also held a fascinating announcement in the “births” section- typically reserved for the peerage and famous people- that I couldn’t resist throwing in:

"Lately a poor woman, aged 22 years, residing in Lahinch, near Ennistimon, Ireland, was safely delivered of five children, three sons and two daughters, who, with the mother, are all in a most thriving way."

Imagine QUINTUPLETS in 1807!  I’m sure she and everyone else involved was quite surprised and it seems like a miracle that they all survived given the risks associated with multiple births. 

Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, June 1825. 

Oooh!  I love this dress!  The skirt time is JUUUSSSST on the edge of being comically large but it makes for such a bold addition.  Plus, I love spray of flowers along the front.  Bonus points for an amazingly cool turban!

Cabinet des Modes, January 1845. 

Royal Lady’s Magazine, Evening and Ball Dresses, February 1831. 

The overdress thingy on the evening dress is quite unusual!  I love the flash of pink in the lining!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, December 1810. 

This is definitely before La Belle found their footing with illustrations, but look at the gorgeous detail on that gown!  The deep lace around the hem is lovely. 

Ladies Pocket Magazine, London Evening Dress, 1838.

OK, it is sorta hard to admit this, but I am totally loving THIS 1830s dress. Don’t rub it in.

The Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dress, November 1819. 

THAT. PELISSE.  Easily one of the loveliest things I have ever posted on this here tumblr.  The colors are so gorgeous and I adore that trim work. 

Fashions of London and Paris, Evening Dresses, May 1810.

The dress on the left is interesting and unusual, and I love that…cap? on the girl on the right.

Fashions of London and Paris, Evening and Walking Dress, August 1802.

Look at the amazing sleeves poking out of that evening dress!

Lady’s Magazine, Evening Dress, January 1830. 

Well…at least she looks warm!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, March 1834. 

The girl in blue has a very interesting turban!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, July 1812. 

I can’t quite wrap my mind around that trim (are the loops held together with pearls?!) but it is certainly striking!

Fashions of London and Paris, Evening Dresses, March 1811. 

LOVE those turbans!

Lady’s Magazine, Ball and Evening Dress, August 1830. 

The ball dress almost looks like a costume.