Gallery of Fashion, July 1798. 

Another yellow court gown.  May I take a moment to point out the most epic feather in the history of feathers. 

Gallerie des Modes, 1781. 

My apologies for my lack of posts, readers.  My new job is frying my brain.  I come home and can barely put a coherent sentence together, so tumblin’ is dropping off the to-do list.  I’ll try harder. 

As an apology, here are some magnificent court gowns!

Royal Ladies’ Magazine, December 1832. 

The lushness of that red gown is magnificent (and she has a tiara!)


Evening dress, 1827 France, La Reunion

Love the scallops (and check out that fan!)

Gallerie des Modes, 1780. 

What a wonderfully puff skirt!  Cute kid, too!

La Belle Assemblee, Parisian Morning Dress, January 1821. 

Another coffee filter dress!  These were all the rage in the early 1820s :)

(Seriously though- can you imagine the WORK that went into making and applying all those little ruffles?)

Royal Lady’s Magazine, December 1832.

I actually really like both of these, which is pretty impressive for 1832!

Ackermann’s Repository, Half Dress, November 1810. 

Well I’m cold just looking at her!

World of Fashion, January 1847. 

I love the blue and white one on the top right!

Gallery of Fashion, July 1795. 

Such epic ostrich feathers…

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, May 1790. 

Another lovely purple gown!  Check out those odd feathers on her bonnet- very unusual!

Gallery of Fashion, September 1796. 

Look at the interesting cap on the gal on the left!  I like the sheer blue veiling!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1823.

Pretty, pretty!  Love the lines of that trim!

Gallery of Fashion, October 1796. 

There is some really lovely trim on the white gown.  The embroidery is beautiful, but look at the subtle red and white stripe along the edges of the skirts!

(And is it just me, or does the girl in blue look like Cesare’s love interest in The Borgias?)

Lady’s Museum, Dinner and Evening Dress, March 1832. 

I am really digging the hem treatment on the peachy dress.  It looks like a stained glass window or something!  Very unexpected!