Wastepaper basket fancy dress, 1896 London, Fancy Dress Described

There’s such a thing as too much creativity.

HA!  Ahahaaa!  Hilarity in costume! 

World of Fashion, February 1847. 

La Belle Assemblee, Court Dress, June 1834. 

Now THAT is a dress!


You can read the whole volume right here online! This has been a favourite link of mine for years.. and just tonight, I recognized the punched out Univ of California on the front page - it’s located in my school’s library database! I’m planning on going to see this precious volume in person very soon :)

A little out of our scope on this blog, but I couldn’t resist!  Who doesn’t love Fancy Dress?!

Ackermann’s Repository, Fancy Ball Dress, 1820. 

Look at her hair!

Le Follet, January 1847.

No description on these, but I’m going to assume ball dress and fancy dress?

In honor of adding 1840s to the catalog, today is going to be all 1840s!  I hope you enjoy!  (And if you don’t, the older stuff will resume tomorrow <3 )


Fancy dress, 1877 France, La Mode Illustree

The woman’s costume is supposed to be Elizabethan, but I’m not entirely sure what the kids are supposed to be.

I’m pretty sure the little girl in the middle is a Revolutionary War soldier, which is a pretty freaking sweet fancy dress!  I’ll have to add this to the giant to-be-made list!