Fashion plates from Gallery of Fashion, 1795-1796 and a picture of my inspired-by look for a 1790s ball.  These are related to my recent blog post about diamond jewelry in 1790s fashion plates

Gallery of Fashion, March 1798.

Gallery of Fashion, July 1798. 

Another yellow court gown.  May I take a moment to point out the most epic feather in the history of feathers. 

Gallery of Fashion, July 1796. 

The green gown is a gorgeous color, and what an unusual bonnet she has!

Gallery of Fashion, December 1798. 

Ooooh I love both of these!  The yellow lining and accents on the blue is great, and the whole cut and fit of the white is charming!  I especially love the very subtle puffs on her sleeves!

Gallery of Fashion, Court Dress, July 1797. 

You know, Court Dresses of the 1790s will never cease to make me laugh. They are just so hilarious and crazy

Gallery of Fashion, February 1798. 

There is no such thing as too many giant feathers stuck to your head. 

Gallery of Fashion, Morning Dress, April 1796. 

Holy harlequin muff!  I am DYING for that thing!

Gallery of Fashion, evening dresses, February 1795. 

This fashion plate is wonderful, mostly because of the description.  The two dresses on the right are described as polonaise, known far and wide as the dresses with the rucked-up skirts.  Interesting…

Gallery of Fashion, Half Mourning Dress, May 1798. 

I love this look- robe is made of black silk net and the gown below made of white satin.  

Gallery of Fashion, Morning Dresses, January 1798. 

I’m sorry this scan isn’t great, because this is one of those that I desperately wish was clearer!  The pink gown has some nice back seams and they both have on very unusual bonnet.  And do I spy polka dots?!

The description describes the pink dress as “raven-shaded” and the black trim is made if velvet!

Gallery of Fashion, May 1797. 

Hi there, beautiful!  I would push you off that horse if it meant I could get your riding habit!

Gallery of Fashion, October 1797. 

I love the pairing of the yellow gown and the blue gloves, and that brown bonnet is adorable!

"Breakfast in the Dressing Room" Gallery of Fashion, November 1794. 

A reader on the Facebook Page asked for images of Regency dressing gowns.  Unfortunately this is the only one that I can think of, and it is from 1794, so too early!  Nora, I’ll keep looking and if I find anything I will certainly post it.  Does anyone have a fashion plate or a link to an extant Regency-era dressing gown?

Gallery of Fashion, October 1797. 

What a lovely color!