Gallery of Fashion, July 1795. 

Such epic ostrich feathers…

Columbian Magazine, January 1844.

Nice colors in this one, and I love the tiered skirt of the girl in blue!

Columbian Magazine, January 1845. 

Oh I love the plaid one!  The bias-cut panel on the bottom is great!  That green cloak is pretty gorgeous, too!

La Belle Assemblee, August 1846. 

This is a gorgeous collection of gowns!

Columbian Magazine, February 1845.

Lovely colors again.  But that guy looks RIDICULOUS.  I passionately hate mens clothing from about the 1820s onward.  The ’40s are particularly bad.

Graham’s Magazine, January 1841.

Oh, those colors!  I’m a fool for royal blue!  Especially when you combine it with fur (fake, of course!).  Mmmmmmm…


Morning and evening dress, 1807, Le Beau Monde

The gal in purple is wearing a very interesting frock!  I love the combination of red and purple!

La Belle Assemblee, Spring Walking Dresses, June 1808. 

I love all the brightly colored accessories!    

Gallery of Fashion, figures 37, 38, and 39.  January 1795. 

Such pretty colors!  I want them all!

Lady’s Museum, March 1807.

Yay!  My favorite plates!  I like seeing the zoomed versions of the bodices- so helpful for dressmakers.  And of course the bonnets!

Lady’s Museum, October 1808.

Pretty pretty pretty!  Look at the dainty, subtle trim on the blue gown!  And the girl on the right has an amazing shawl and beautiful bonnet!

Ladies’ Museum, London Dresses, September 1808.

These are both gorgeous gowns, especially that ethereal pink and white one.  I adore the sleeves.  Thumbs up to the green tilty parasol, too!

Ladies’ Museum, March 1804.

I hope the wide format of this one looks ok on Tumblr!  I really love the big tassels hanging off the front closure of the pink overdress and check out the gorgeous flower trim on the gal in the middle!

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 29 and 30, November 1794.  ”Breakfast in a dressing room”

I want to live here!

Ladies’ Museum, July 1803. 

If you look closely at the bottom left of this image, you can see the publication date.  It either looks like July 1st or July 4th to me.  Either way, I get supreme pleasure knowing that this hits our current date almost exactly!