Cabinet des Modes, April 1786. 

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, November 1790. 

Pretty girl!

Cabinet des Modes (Magasin des Modes), October 1786. 

These are some really great detail shots of their hair!

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dresses, March 1818. 


Royal Lady’s Magazine, Court and Ball Dress, April 1831. 

Holy Cats!  This is magnificent.  Look at that glorious overskirt!  Gold and purple are always so stunning together!  And her headdress!  All the feathers!  Exclamation point!

(And I guess that pink gown is pretty great, too.)

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1829. 

One of my readers, Guacira (all the way from Brazil!), just sent this fashion plate and a few others to me.  Isn’t it beautiful!  It’s a big image, too, so open it in a new tab to see all the detail.  

Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog!  You guys are so generous and supportive and you make running this tumblr a delight!  And thank you especially, Guacira, for sending this along.  

Journal des Luxus, January 1792. 

Magasin des Modes, February 1787. 

Everything about this is crazy! 

Journal des Luxus, 1791. 

This gown makes me want to get down on my knees and pray to the patron saint of GIVE ME THOSE CLOTHES. 

Journal des Luxus, 1788. 

What an unusual and charming outfit.  Doesn’t she look comfortable?

Moniteur de la Mode, February 1847. 

I’m utterly in love with that blue gown, and the skirts on the yellow gown are quite lovely, too!

Gallerie des Modes, 1778. 

Sorry for the long absence, readers!  I was in North Carolina for a week and now my parents are visiting, so I’ve been away from the computer.  Normal posting will resume on Monday!  

Magasin des Modes, March 1788.

How amazing is this outfit?  The color combo is fabulous, and I’m in love with her huge contrasting collar!  And a spotty petticoat!

Kyle, a reader via the Dames a la Mode Facebook Page, requested that I do red and green combinations for Christmas.  Because requests make me very, very happy, I’ll oblige!  It isn’t a terribly common color combination, but I’ll be posting some over the next few days.  Enjoy, and happy holidays!



(Oh yeah!  This is Gallerie des Modes from 1787!)

La Belle Assemblee, Court Dress, June 1834. 

Now THAT is a dress!