I’ve launched a new jewelry line called The Josephine collection, named after Napoleon’s lovely wife.  These are very accurate reproductions of Georgian and Regency-era jewelry, using the best materials I can get my hands on, including my new custom-made collet settings, which are the most accurate on the market.  I’m so pleased with how lovely everything is and even more pleased that they are so versatile.  I hope you’ll check out my reproduction jewelry.

The Josephine Collection by Dames a la Mode

I’ve just done a new blog post about millinery flowers in Regency fashion plates, which inspired some floral updates to my Regency ball gown.  

Above plates all from Journal des Dames et des Modes.  Please check the blog post for dates and more images!

Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

Epic shade-throwing from the guy in the tophat…

Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814


Fashion plate.
Le Follet.
Probably circa 1840.

Elly Snowe’s private collection.


Fashion plate originally published in La Belle Assembleé issue no 26 of the New Series on 1 November, 1814. National Museums of Scotland.

The Follies and Fashions of our Grandfathers, June 1807.

What a magnificent cloak!  Yellow on yellow is a great combination and such a striking color!  (Also:  He’s hot)


Emma, Lady Hamilton, dancing the tarantella

by William Lock & Mariano Bovi, London, 1796

Not a fashion plate, but too gorgeous to pass by…

(Source: onlyartists)

Gallery of Fashion, July 1798. 

Another yellow court gown.  May I take a moment to point out the most epic feather in the history of feathers. 

La Belle Assemblee, Dress of the Court of France, 1819. 

Another beautiful court gown as an apology.  I don’t typically like yellow very much, but this is such a bright and cheery color that I can forgive it!

Gallerie des Modes, 1781. 

My apologies for my lack of posts, readers.  My new job is frying my brain.  I come home and can barely put a coherent sentence together, so tumblin’ is dropping off the to-do list.  I’ll try harder. 

As an apology, here are some magnificent court gowns!

Gallery of Fashion, July 1796. 

The green gown is a gorgeous color, and what an unusual bonnet she has!

The Follies and Fashions of our Grandfathers, Morning Dresses, August 1807.

Oooh!  What a lovely parasol!