Ackermann’s Repository, Morning Dress, March 1810. 

Feedback time!  Do y’all like it when I do these zoomed shots in addition to the main plate?  As a costumer, I find things like this incredibly valuable since I frequently miss the details- especially when I zoom by something on Tumblr.  I can’t do it on all of my fashion plates since many aren’t high enough quality, but on these where I can zoom and still keep clarity, do you like it when I include the detail images?

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Evening Dresses, March 1818. 


Lady’s Museum, Morning Dress, February 1801. 

Love the pelisse and bonnet of the girl on the right!  And note the length of the skirts- have fun keeping those clean!

La Belle Assemblee, Parisian Morning Dress, January 1821. 

Another coffee filter dress!  These were all the rage in the early 1820s :)

(Seriously though- can you imagine the WORK that went into making and applying all those little ruffles?)

Cabinet des Modes,  November 1841. 


Lady’s Magazine, Morning Dress, October 1812. 

Oh what a sweet little bonnet and lovely pelisse!  This looks like a simple enough outfit to make- perhaps it should to into my to-make queue!

Lady’s Museum, Morning and Walking dresses, June 1825. 

Wow!  Look at all those accessories! 

Gallery of Fashion, December 1796. 


Morning Dress

"The front hair combed straight upon the forehead, the sides in small ringlets, and the hind hair in a loose chignon.  Travelling cap of rose-coloured satin, trimmed with white fur.  Amazon dress of lady’s green cloth, lined with rose-coloured satin;  cape, cuffs, and labels (ed: lapels) with the same.  Small plain muslin handkerchief.  Full stock.  Square pierced gold ear-rings.  Fox tippet.  Puff-coloured gloves.  Blue striped shoes."

Lady’s Museum, January 1825. 

Two charming hems!

Ackermann’s Repository, Morning Dress, November 1813. 

What a nice little outfit!  Nice detailing on the sleeves of the spencer, and I’m a big fan of the soft hat.