Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814

I’ll take one in green, too!

Gallery of Fashion, March 1798.


Fashion plate originally published in La Belle Assembleé issue no 26 of the New Series on 1 November, 1814. National Museums of Scotland.

Gallery of Fashion, February 1798. 

There is no such thing as too many giant feathers stuck to your head. 

Le Follet, February 1847. 

What a magnificent blue!  It is especially lovely paired with the lushness of the black fur cloak and the ermine muff!

Gallery of Fashion, Morning Dress, April 1796. 

Holy harlequin muff!  I am DYING for that thing!

Gallerie des Modes, 1778.

It is a blustery, cold morning here in Virginia and an outfit like this would be most welcome today!

Gallery of Fashion, evening dresses, February 1795. 

This fashion plate is wonderful, mostly because of the description.  The two dresses on the right are described as polonaise, known far and wide as the dresses with the rucked-up skirts.  Interesting…


I was browsing through a book on Rose Bertin and couldn’t resist sharing this fashion caricature!

photo source

And I couldn’t resist reblogging it! 

Lady’s Museum, Morning Dress, February 1801. 

Love the pelisse and bonnet of the girl on the right!  And note the length of the skirts- have fun keeping those clean!

Magasin des Modes, December 1787. 

The attack of the comically enormous accessories!

Fashions of London and Paris, Evening Dresses, March 1811. 

LOVE those turbans!

Royal Ladies’ Magazine, walking and carriage dress, January 1831. 

These are certainly very striking colors, and on this chilly day I would welcome being wrapped in that much fabric and fur!

Lady’s Magazine, London Walking Dress, March 1805.

I love this pelisse!  Check out that wide band of lace on the bottom of it!  And a very 1960s looking bonnet, I think!

Gallerie des Modes, 1778. 

Nice cloak!  I haven’t done this in a long time, but this plate does have an alternate version, so I’ve uploaded it to the Dames a la Mode Facebook Page!