The Follies and Fashions of our Grandfathers, August 1807.

"A pattern for the border of a handkerchief and shirt"

Muslin Pattern, La Belle Assemblee, 1819. 

These would look so beautiful done in whitework on a muslin gown!

La Belle Assemblee, Muslin Pattern, 1807. 

What a charming little border!

Muslin Pattern, La Belle Assemblee, 1819. 

By the way, this is my 1000th post.  The part of me that likes symmetry is really excited that I hit my 1000th post and 1000th like within one day of each other. Here’s to many thousands more!  

Ackermann’s Repository, Muslin Pattern, February 1829. 

These are beautiful little motifs!  I would really like to buff up my embroidery skills!

Muslin Patter, Ackermann’s Respository, June 1829. 

La Belle Assemblee Muslin Pattern, October 1806.

La Belle Assemblee, 1819. 

Posting embroidery patterns got a huge go-ahead from y’all, so I’ll start posting them.  There aren’t a lot- generally only 2 or 3 a year and not all publications did them- so don’t expect to see them too frequently, but I’ll sneak them in here and there!  Enjoy!

Ackermann’s Repository, Muslin Pattern, April 1829.

I have a question for you guys.  A few publications have “muslin patterns” which I assume are for embroidery.  They aren’t really fashion plates, but I think they are really lovely and fascinating.  If you like them I can post some more, if not then I won’t put any others up.  What do you say?