Emma, Lady Hamilton, dancing the tarantella

by William Lock & Mariano Bovi, London, 1796

Not a fashion plate, but too gorgeous to pass by…

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Hi folks, I have a request.  If you pin one of the fashions plates I post on pinterest, PLEASE make sure that you carryover the title of the publication and the date.  I keep seeing a lot of my fashion plates without the details, and while they do link back to the source, I don’t think people should have to take the extra step to see what they are looking at.  Dates and sources are incredibly important for folks doing research, so let’s not make it harder for them to find the information they need. 



Now here’s a picture of me making a funny face in a historic costume: 

Oooh!  For those of y’all in and around DC, Living Social has a great deal to G Street Fabrics right now.  $25 gets you $50.  This is a great fabric store, but often pretty pricey, so it’s a good way to splurge without splurging!

American Duchess is now selling off the imperfect versions of her awesome historic shoes.  They are mostly sold out, but the Regency shoes are available for under $50!  I have a pair, and they are fabulous.  They are comfortable and durable and easy as pie to paint!


Drawing of Marie Antoinette, about 1785, ink and color on paper


Pretties!  I wish this artist drew a million pictures!

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‘The Bum-Bailiff outwitted, or, The Convenience of fashion’ (1786). ROFLMAO


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A Trip to Blackheath, 1780 (Via the British Museum)

This isn’t a fashion plate, obviously, but I was so struck by the women in the image that I couldn’t resist posting here.  

The soldiers are camped in Blackheath during the Gordon Riots of 1780.

I finally broke down and created a personal Tumblr.  I can’t help myself!  You guys are just too awesome and I want to reblog too much stuff.  So…


(Also:  Death to the person who took as their tumblr name what has been a blog address I’ve had and used for SIX YEARS and then doesn’t even use it!)

Hello there lovelyskies!  You’re my 500th follower!  Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of my readers, in tumblrland and beyond!  I really enjoy curating this site- I’ve learned a tremendous amount and met some wonderful people.  I hope you are all enjoying this trip through fashion plate history!


Dress ca. 1815-20

From the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

This is my 1000th “liked” post!  Thank you all for posting such wonderful things!




photo by Taylor Autumn Shelby

Reenactors have all the fun!! :D

I haven’t seen this picture in a while and oh, the noise I just made.

Forgive the interruption of fashion plates, but I must ask- Stays and Stories:  Had you seen this picture before?  Because it is from my Facebook page and I have stuff pretty locked down to non-friends.  Do I know you in real life?

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Shoot!  I finally have a day to sit down and watch the newest Downton Abbey and the link I had saved doesn’t work anymore!  Anyone of my pretty, pretty readers know where I can watch it?  Have I told you how much I love you today?

Hi folks!  Sorry for the lack of posts!  My computer monitor went kaput on Saturday morning, so posting will be severely cut back until the new one arrives.  I may be able to sneak a few in while I’m at work, but I can’t make any promises!  Let’s just take a moment to be thankful that it was just my monitor and not my hard drive with 5000+ fashion plates.

Thank you computer gods!

I really don’t like veering away from my tumblr’s topic, but I wanted to make a quick public service announcement for those of you who are in the path of Irene.  I grew up in an area that had a lot of tropical weather and I lived in Charleston, S.C. for a while, so I do have some experience with these things.  Two tips:

1.  Don’t overreact and freak yourself out

2.  Don’t under react and get yourself into a situation you aren’t prepared for. 

If you live anywhere near water on the East coast, PLEASE take a look at the map in the link below.  The most dangerous thing about hurricanes is the storm surge, and this particular storm (due to the size and how slowly it is moving) has the potential to created a pretty devastating storm surge.  It also happens to be coinciding with the highest tide of the month, thanks to the cycle of the moon. 

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ssurge/risk/index.shtml?gm (right above the map, you have to select the category.  Right now it looks like it might be a category 2, but that will likely change depending on the track the storm takes)

If you are in a danger zone, make sure to heed the warnings of your local officials if they tell you to evacuate.  It is a pain, yes, but it could literally save your life.  If you know about flooding in your particular area, take precautions in your house and move things to higher ground.

If you don’t live in a storm-surge area, the most important thing to do is to secure loose things in your yard (lawn furniture, bird feeders, building materials, etc.).  Flying debris is VERY destructive and dangerous.  Don’t add to the stuff that is going to be flying around!  Make sure to have enough water, etc.  Drinking water is good but water for cooking, dishes, and baths may also be necessary.  I always fill up a bunch of pitchers and large cooking pots if a storm is coming.  Being able to wash your face will make you feel much better!  Also plan for food that you don’t need to prepare (or that you can prepare on a camp stove/grill if you have one) in case the power goes out.  No need to go crazy, but think about what you would need if you don’t have access to electricity for a few days.  

Most of all stay calm and reasonable.  Listen to your local officials and heed their warnings- they know what they are talking about.  

Good luck!

I don’t get a lot of opportunity to reblog since my Tumblr is so specific, but I follow some AMAZING blogs!  Since today is Follow Friday (is that really a thing?) I thought I’d take the time to share some of them

1. Old Rags (I want to make out with her.  I seriously adore her blog)

2. OMG That Dress!  (The one who inspired me)

3. Fripperies and Fobs (Has been posting like crazy this summer and I LOVE IT.  Please never go back to school, Andrew.  Can you make running your Tumblr your full-time job?)

4. CarolathHapsburg (Lots of amazing photos of royals and other lovely things!)

5. American Duchess (Impressive that she is on this list because she JUST started her Tumblr!  Run by the amazing Lauren of American Duchess- she who has brought 18th century shoes into my life.  Have I told you lately that I love you?)

6. Vintage Vision (Beautiful, beautiful stuff)

7. Fyodor Pavlov (Another new-to-me Tumblr, but I think I heart every single thing he posts.  He is an INCREDIBLE artist!  I would shave my head to get him to draw me- but only if he promised to draw me with my hair.)

8. Miss Folly (Posts a lot of stuff that I apparently love!  Always finds the coolest paintings!)

9. Ye Olde Fashioned (Another great historic costuming blog)

And I wanted to tell you about one more- Staymaker, run by the amazing Hallie from At the Sign of the Golden Scissors.  She is a TRUE 18th Century fashion expert, and a lovely woman to boot!  You should follow her forthwith.  She’s just started hers, but I’ll expect she’ll make it into my top crushes with only a few more of her excellent posts!

So there you go!  I’m sure most of you are already following a lot of these people, but if you aren’t, you should do that right now!