Gallery of Fashion, evening dresses, February 1795. 

This fashion plate is wonderful, mostly because of the description.  The two dresses on the right are described as polonaise, known far and wide as the dresses with the rucked-up skirts.  Interesting…

Fashions of London and Paris, Court Dress, January 1799. 

Would you EVER believe that this batshit crazy dress was accurate if you saw someone wearing it?  Proof positive that they wore some seriously bizarre gowns back then. 

Magasin des Modes, March 1788.

How amazing is this outfit?  The color combo is fabulous, and I’m in love with her huge contrasting collar!  And a spotty petticoat!

Gallery of Fashion, Morning Dresses, January 1798. 

I’m sorry this scan isn’t great, because this is one of those that I desperately wish was clearer!  The pink gown has some nice back seams and they both have on very unusual bonnet.  And do I spy polka dots?!

The description describes the pink dress as “raven-shaded” and the black trim is made if velvet!

Lady’s Museum, Morning Dress, February 1801. 

Love the pelisse and bonnet of the girl on the right!  And note the length of the skirts- have fun keeping those clean!

Fashions of London and Paris, Full Dress, May 1804. 

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1813. 

What a sweet little gown!  I love all the roses!

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, June 1790. 

This is so adorable!  I love her spotty fabric, the box pleats around the hem, and the bound edges of her jacket!

Journal des Luxus, 1789. 

Great combination of the fabrics there!  Spotty petticoat (and stomacher?) with a stripey jacket, but inh the same colorways.  That’s a very nice way to be a little wacky but still maintain a connection between the two garments. 

Magasin des Modes, February 1788.

I love her pink and white muff!  It looks like cotton candy!  Cute spotty fabric and amazing lace, too!

Gallery of Fashion, Figure 47, April 1795. 

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, March 1790.

Gorgeous!  The spotty fabric is really lovely, and the banding on her bodice’s zone front is beautiful.  I also love the gathered fabric beneath it.

Ladies Museum, December 1805.

OH MY GOD THE POLKA DOTS!  I adore these so, so much!  Pair that fabric with fur accessories, a cute bonnet, and a fabulous veil and I am enthralled.