Magasin des Modes, March 1788.

How amazing is this outfit?  The color combo is fabulous, and I’m in love with her huge contrasting collar!  And a spotty petticoat!

Magasin des Modes, May 1788. 


Magasin des Modes, March 1786. 

Oh god.  This dress.  So glorious. 

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1809. 

Beautiful!  I love that standing collar!

Cabinet des Modes, August 1786. 

Have you noticed how much these plates look like the ones from Magasin des Modes?  If so, good eye!  Cabinet BECAME Magasin in December of 1786.  

And hnnnnngg!  This gown is spectacular!

Magasin des Modes, July 1787. 

Oooh…gorgeous pink and yellow redingote!  The van-dyked collar is a nice touch!