Le Follet, 1846

Oh…that blue gown!  So pretty!

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Journal des Luxus, 1788.

Wow.  This is a guy who is NOT afraid to combine color and patterns!  Also, I’m pretty sure his coat and waistcoat are trimmed with fringe, which is pretty incredible.  

Cabniet des Modes (later Magasin des Modes), November 1786. 

I know they look ridiculous, but I want to be them!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening and Ball Dresses, March 1828.

Wow, the print on that blue gown is lovely!  One of my favorite things about the 1820s and 1830s is that they started embracing bold prints for evening wear which you don’t see a lot of in the 1800s and 1810s.  I’m always a fan of stripes!

Ball Dress, 1820 via the Met (click though link)- with a hat tip to OMGThatDress

Ball Dress, December 1816, La Belle Assemblee. 

(Source: metmuseum.org)

Journal des Luxus, 1791. 

This gown makes me want to get down on my knees and pray to the patron saint of GIVE ME THOSE CLOTHES. 

Magasin des Modes, March 1788.

Stripes.  Love.

Cabinet des Modes, November 1841. 

That’s a lot of fringe!

Le Bon Ton (Published in the Lady’s Magazine), 1849. 

Oh my god that striped dress!  It is so lovely!  Having the ruffles cut on the bias is a nice touch!

Journal des Luxus, May 1792. 

Every time I see these little cake-like hats on these fashions plates, I always wonder how on earth they stay on, especially with so much trimming, but I still desperately want to be able to wear one around everyday. 

Journal des Luxus, May 1792. 

Oh…so pretty!  Love the lace ruffles at her hem!

Magasin des Modes, January 1788. 

Black and orange stripes!  How very halloween-y!  Even her shoes match :)

Journal de la Mode et du Gout, August 1790. 

Orange and blue again!  Love those stripes…

Lady’s Magazine, 1849. 

The fabric of the dress on the left is really stunning!


Wedding dress, 1826 Italy, Corriere delle Dame

I love Corriere Delle Dame!  It is one of my favorite publications, but one you don’t see very often.  I actually own an original plate from this publication.  I need to get it scanned so I can put it up for you guys!