Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1801. 

Charming fellow in a complicated outfit!

Lady’s Magazine, May 1837.

Finally we have some 1830s fashions that I wholeheartedly LOVE!

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1801.

I really love this one, too!  The pink gown with the purple trim and flowers is a lovely combination, plus I love the styling of the asymmetrical tunic.  cute turban, too!

Gallerie des Modes, 1778.

Ladies Museum, October 1803.

Beauitful green bonnet!  The white leaves are a charming trim.

La Belle Assemblee, English Walking Dress, October 1820.

I can kinda forgive the folded coffee filter decorations on this dress because I love the colors so, so  much.  

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dress, 1833.

I can’t stop giggling at her hair!

Gallery of Fashion, Figures 29 and 30, November 1794.  ”Breakfast in a dressing room”

I want to live here!

Magasin des Modes, December 1789.

There aren’t many things I like better than blue and white stripes, but this is pretty over the top.  It think it is the swirly sleeve stripes that are throwing me off…and the oddly continuous bodice…

Ladies’ Museum, July 1803. 

If you look closely at the bottom left of this image, you can see the publication date.  It either looks like July 1st or July 4th to me.  Either way, I get supreme pleasure knowing that this hits our current date almost exactly!

La Belle Assemblee, Evening Dresses, 1833.

My grandma had a sofa that looked JUST like that dress!

Gallerie des Modes, 1778. 

I love them!

La Belle Assemblee, 1833.  Walking Dress.

This color makes my heart go pitter-patter.  The style, not so much.

Ackermann’s Repository, Walking Dress, January 1829.